Anonymous asked: STOP!!! pretending to not have any shipping preferences by calling it BROMANCE like get the fuck off the shipping fence!! and TAG your pairing crap we dun need to see that shit. fucking hopurai shippers ruining everything geez.


okay you’ve caught me, anon. cat’s out of the bag, oops, so yes I admit, I’ve been a secret hope/light shipper all this time. and going by your logic and based on what I’ve written, I apparently ship alyssa/hope, hope/snow, sazh/snow too. oh and don’t forget, noel/dog… uh, yeah.

but anyway, you’re right. I’m actually a multi-shipper at heart who pretends to ‘ship’ everyone as friends and family ! I’m guilty of dubbing my favourite ships as bromance because I’m constantly in ship-denial. and I’m sorry for tagging it as such because there’s no way anyone could write characters interacting with each other without having any romantic connotations to it -  in fact, there’s no way two (or more) people could ever share a closeness with each other without it leading up to  bedroom dalliances or in hope’s case, filthy lab dalliances? ooh physical chemistry!  and people of the opposite sex just don’t become friends. I mean, it’s completely unheard of this day and age, right?

… shall I keep doing it and  continue to ruin things for you?


If you were looking for the greatest screenshot of Snow, I found it.

kaibasgirl asked: Oh my gosh, Happy Birthday!!!!!!! *throws confetti*


merryx3108 asked: Happy happy Birthday :D Hope you have a great day (or had XD)

I waited until today to go to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription just so that when they asked me for my date of birth I could shout “TODAY.”

yogi-is-annoying asked: Hika, it's your birthday? Happy uterine escape day <3

24 years and still at large <3


brunosaurs4 asked: Happy birthday! :D (I hope I'm not late)

Thanks! And no my friend, it has only just begun!



Today is my birthday. As you can see, it is the best birthday ever.

Thursday is my 24th birthday. Hope in this video accurately sums up my feelings about what it’s like to be the old person on the internet for a change.

One time at the dinner table my mother out of the blue asked me, “Do you know the furry people?” because someone had shown her a YouTube video about furries and I had to explain to her everything I know about furries and apparently I should have known she would have found it hilarious so now my mom thinks I have been “hiding furries” from her for 12 years and is mad at me.

dia-vanille asked: Hope in the ball pit